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Our portfolio

The sites on this page represent the complete body of work that we've done in the last fours years or so.

Many of these have had significant 'makeovers' since they were launched and all have had some level of change done.

They are all different in "look and feel" and in their written style: but they are nearly all serving a real business purpose for their owners.

We believe that, in this collection, there are most of the tried-and-tested features that any new client will need for his or her business ... static text and images, photo galleries, contact forms, availability calendars - to name just some.  All our newer sites are responsive meaning they adapt seamlessly for browsing on tablets and smart-phones.

So please browse the our portfolio, please take some time to visit the sites (look for the little symbol) and come to your own view about their design and general usability.

We're proud of the websites we build and we're thrilled with our clients (and their visitors') reactions to them.  Our pride stems from two things:

  • First of all the external impression that the sites create and the way in which they match the image of the businesses they represent - contrast the clean lines and formality CPG Engineering (appropriate for an engineering/design consultancy) with the rather "moody" feel of The Amber Herd a look which is absolutely in keeping with their music 'genre'.
  • Secondly - under the covers - things are very well engineered.  All our sites comply with the latest web design standards (HTML5 and CSS3.1).  We do not hack or borrow (read 'steal') stuff from elsewhere - where we have selectively used techniques we have done so with the originator's permission and have usually paid for these. Above all, we never, ever deploy a single line of code that we do not understand - that route inevitably leads to longer term maintainability problems for us and you.

We test all our websites in the five dominant browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and on Windows PCs and Windows, iOS and Android tablets and smartphones before we ask your permission to put it live.  This thoroughness ensures that all visitors have the same positive experience surfing your site.

Our very first website - launched way back in 2005!

Now in its fourth incarnation - this version was relaunched in May 2014. We greatly simplified the navigation and gave the site (we think) a clean, modern look. Of course - it works perfectly across all devices from smartphones to large desktop displays.

This is an information-rich site and we took the decision to provide all Glenda's fact sheets as viewable and downloadable PDFs which we think works really well.

Visit Erapy

Launched in February 2014 and the subject of "One customer's journey" on this website.

Built using the Bootstrap framework the site is completely responsive across all device screen sizes and includes our standard e-mail contact form and a plug-in availability calendar.  It is our first multi-lingual site with all content published in English and French.

Kevin & Karen Driscoll also took advantage of our Integrated Business Identity service to have us design business cards, flyers and matching print stationery for their business.

Visit Maison Driscoll ... indeed, why not visit them for real?

A real challenge of a site.  Firstly we are also the clients for this site - so we had to choose the design and style rather than work to someone else's idea.   Not only that but we have to source most of the content.  It's also a new business model for us where our work is rewarded by selling advertising space to businesses in Turunç.

No question - this is the biggest site we have ever created (currently around 150 pages) and one that will keep on growing.  The site is also an excellent example of tight integration with social media (Facebook) to keep driving visitor numbers - currently averaging ~250 per day.

Completely redesigned in early 2015 using the Bootstrap framework to be mobile-friendly

Visit my Turunç

We were thrilled to be part of Mandy's new business venture in 2013. She took advantage of our entry-level "eFlyer" offer - that's a full website and a domain for just £50! We also designed matching printer flyers for her as part of our Integrated Business Identity service and provided integration to her Facebook page.

Roll forward to 2017, and Scrub-it is a limited company with six employees and a growing residential and business customer base. Working with RedBear Media, we were delighted to redesign and relaunch the website in early 2017 to reflect (and celebrate) what is a huge business success.

Visit Scrub-it Gainsborough

Steve & Sharon Wilson own a lovely apartment in the delightful village of Turunç in Turkey.  They already had a website but had seen our other work and asked us to redesign and re-host their existing domain for them.

At the time, this was our fist use of the Bootstrap framework (version 2) and frankly we were thrilled with the results!

A relatively modest update in 2017 allowed us to migrate to Bootstrap v4 bringing this website into line with the others in our portfolio.

Visit Turunç Turkey

Undoubtedly our prettiest website! launched in March 2015.
We were thrilled to be associated with Helena's new business venture through this attractive, single-page "e-Flyer" website and a collection of matching business cards and promotional flyers.

Visit Helena Rose Beauty

This one-page website launched in August 2015.

As an extension to their advertisement on the myTurunç website, Halit and Ayten asked us to build a simple site for their lovely apartments.
Despite the challenges of working remotely, with clients 2000 miles away, and with a client whose first language is not English, we're really pleased with this simple "e-Flyer" website.

Visit Çardak Apartments