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About us

Hugh & Kaz

kazarooony webdesign is a collaboration between daughter and father Karen and Hugh Evans.  This sounds an unlikely arrangement - but it actually works very well! Check out our Facebook Blog for some personal insights of the joys (and challenges) of this working partnership!

Although Karen (Kaz) had been building websites for informally for several years, the kazarooony partnership was formally inaugurated in late 2009.   At that point, Hugh joined to add his 40+ years of business and IT skills.   Hugh retired in March 2014 but Kaz still has a full time (proper!) job so this is still a hobby that we fit around our other commitments.   However, it’s a hobby that we take very seriously: we may be good value, but we’re certainly not cheap.

If you want a quick-and-dirty solution – we are not the team for you.  We use only the best professional-level web building software, apply formal design, documentation and testing standards, and are committed to bring a quality approach to everything we do.

Just as every web page will be badged with your business identity, so we put our names (discretely of course) at the foot of every web page we build.  So it's vital that we can be proud of what we have created for you and your business.

How we work

Being a small, part-time venture, we choose to restrict our work to a relatively small number of sites.  This means we are able to offer you a personal service without compromising our quality standards.

The service we offer goes well beyond simple design and programming. We frequently offer our customers business advice and routinely help edit and sharpen their website content. For us, the work is stimulating and enjoyable: for you, it means a cost-effective and high-quality web presence that we hope will expand your business.

Before we begin any work, we will have a telephone or face-to-face meeting, or e-mail exchange, to agree objectives, broad content and images, and the initial layout of your site. Based on this we will provide 2-3 prototypes from which you will choose the final design. If you commit to go ahead (which we sincerely hope you will) this is the point at which we will register your chosen domain and complete the content of the full website  Every situation is different of course but here's one typical customer journey that you can follow.

Our achievements

Since we formed our partnership in late 2009, we have successfully launched nine new sites for our customers and completed major rebuilds on a number of these over the past five years. We have also launched on a travel directory website project for the little village in Turkey where Hugh and his partner Glenda have their holiday home. You can see examples of all our work on our Portfolio page.

Our ethos

It's become fashionable for organisations to claim a unique selling proposition (USP) - something that differentiates them from all their competitors. In reality there are very few truly unique companies these days: and we certainly don't claim to be one.

Are there more technically competent web builders out there? - without question. Are there companies out there that offer a cheaper web building service? - of course there are.... heck, you could even try and do-it-yourself with some of the web building 'wizards' that exist.

We believe what makes us different is that we can afford to invest the time to deliver you a high-quality website that is properly engineered, that really showcases you and your business - and at a really great price.

So, we make no claims of a USP, just an ethos for what we do - something we call 'pixel perfect':

"good is not good enough - and good enough is just not acceptable! "

We may not always quite make it - but we aim for perfection every time. Don't just take our word - talk to any of our customers for an honest opinion.

So, what are you waiting for?

The kazarooony "support team"

The internet is a wonderful place to work!  Everyone is generally so supportive.  Since our launch in late 2009, we've had loads of help - both technical and business - in getting our venture up and running.

We'd like to use this area to acknowledge websites and individuals who have helped and inspired us - many of them unknowingly.

We're learning all the time so this list of credits will undoubtedly grow: keep checking back and check out the websites we mention if you get an opportunity.

We are always interested in reciprocal links with individuals and organisations in complementary businesses.  Please do contact us if this interests you

Web resources we couldn't live without

sitepoint - a fantastic resource (down-under) for all things 'web'

bootstrap - an awesome (free) framework for building responsive websites - an incredible learning resource

CSSPlay - Stu Nicholls is an absolute CSS 'Jedi Master'

last, but by no means least ...

Microsoft Logo

We are a proud, wall-to-wall Microsoft shop!  We engineer our websites with Microsoft products, host on Microsoft platforms and run just about every aspect of our business using Microsoft tools and services.  At a corporate and personal level they have provided us with amazing support since we started our business - thanks guys!


People we would like to thank

Glenda Lasbury Glenda Lasbury - for being our first project (erapy ) and for continuing to act as our one-woman focus group on site aesthetics


Chris Leeds Chris Leeds (MVP) for encouraging and supporting us as we got started, for the really cool Content Seed product, for being our WebsiteSpark 'mentor' and for the autographed copy of "Expression Web 4 - Step-by-Step"


Rachel Andrew Rachel Andrew for the inspirational book on CSS that never leaves Hugh's desk


Ryan Devonshire Ryan Devonshire and the team at cloudabove for truly outstanding customer service


Joanna Wiebe Jo Wiebe of Copy Hackers for never letting us forget that 'content is king' and for her huge (and probably unknowing) influence on every site that we now build