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Your Website .. do you need it? can you afford it?


Maybe you are so unique that you don't feel you need to advertise your business.

Perhaps ... you are the only left-handed piano tuner in a part of the country where there are loads of left-handed pianos?  Even then, unless all your business comes from "word-of-mouth", you will inevitably invest in some form of marketing.  It may be a newspaper advertisement, flyers and leaflet drops or simply a card in your local newsagent's window.  These are all valid approaches to gain new customers: indeed we use most of them for our own business.

Today, most businesses have (or believe they ought to have) a presence on the internet to promote their products and services in addition to more traditional forms of advertising.  (Yellow Pages by comparison, charges around £300/year for a miniscule advert and offers little opportunity to really sell your business.)

Our customer's experience is that their website generates at least one completely new client every month.

That's a great return on your investment.!

So, what makes a successful website?

  • Interesting and regularly updated content
  • Good-looking design in keeping with your business’ style
  • Simple and predictable navigation
  • Robust and responsive operation
  • Great user experience across all devices from smart-phones to desktop PCs
  • Easily found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing


All the websites we build have regular weekly or monthly statistics showing the number of visitors and the pages accessed and search terms most frequently used.

Added to this, a number of our sites also have an e-mail response form which you can use to capture your clients' details and target them with e-mails about new services.

Also, most of our sites have a two-way link to a social networking service such as Facebook - thus allowing personal recommendations from your customers to be linked to the website.

So, in our view, the question is not "can I afford?" but rather "how can I get a cost-effective web presence that will support and drive my business?".

With packages starting at just £50, we believe that we have the answer and would love the chance to prove this to you.

One customer's journey

  • Simple beginnings ...a Facebook message exchange
  • Brainstrorming the solution ...nothing fancy - just pen and paper
  • Finalising the website topology both English and French
  • Adding a consistent theme ...fonts, colours and a visual identity
  • Working with the basic content ...nothing fancy - just plain, simple text files
  • Website construction ...using Microsoft Expression Web
  • Peer testing and demonstration ...touch navigation of the image gallery
  • Peer testing and demonstration ...icon-based hyperlinks on a tablet
  • Extensive testing results ...across a range of browsers and devices
  • Authority to publish ...the one piece of formality we insist on
  • The final product English
  • And ...In French
  • And ...beautifully matched printed flyers